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Geometry Dash Much Better Than Math

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Math may seem a mundane subject in school but if it is in a game, wouldn’t that change your mind? Geometry Dash Lite might just give a brighter and cooler perspective on mathematics as a whole! This 2D video game pushes all your math worries away and just lets you have fun – right at the tips of your hands.

You are given a square-shaped hero that always moves forward in the game. So your task is to go straight forward, jump incorrect timing to avoid the obstacles that you pass by. But each jump has to be perfect. It has to be computed to the last unit so that you won’t hit anything or else, you start all over again. If you want to know how exciting this game is, download Geometry Dash Lite to your mobile device or PC now!


Rhythm Based Action

Geometry Dash Lite is played by tapping on that square hero of yours purely based on rhythm. If you have played piano tiles games on the phone, this somehow resembles those types of games. This only means that you have to be quick to tap when needed or else, you lose. It is that simple.

Cool music will be played as you move along so listen and watch closely as you play. You need your square hero to jump in sync to the beat. You are doing well if you don’t get hit and you are able to finish the entire song. You are off to the next level once each level is completed. It is so much fun playing Geometry Dash Lite because it’s as if the life of the square hero depends on your fingers. So tap quickly and learn to wait in the timing!


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Practice Makes Perfect

Like in any game, losing is inevitable. What makes it frustrating in Geometry Dash Lite is that in one single hit you go back to the very start. So sad! That’s why it is best to play the practice mode first before trying the challenging levels. This mode will help you sharpen your tapping and listening skills so not a loss if you try it out.

Geometry Dash Lite is perfect for everyone, even kids will love mathematics because of it. There are special boosts such as rockets, flip gravity, and more. Players can customize the square hero and get to try or sample the six cool tracks that have unique gameplay elements. The game also gives you the chance to unlock icons and new colors each time you complete a level. The more levels you complete, the more colors and customizations you can do for your square hero.

So what are you waiting for? Try Geometry Dash Lite now and download it to your mobile or PC. Compare your score with friends and other players who are hooked to this game. The math just got interesting with this game so school teachers should thank the developer for this! Happy tapping and computing!