Traffic Rider Freedom of The Road

Traffic Rider: The Freedom of The Road

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Love the rush during driving a motorcycle? Does racing, in general, amuse you? Have no fear and have the ride of your life when you download this amazing video game, Traffic Rider. This game has easy controls which can be played on your PC or mobile device.

Does traffic sound so bad? Well, not in this game. It’s more of a challenge or obstacle along with the different highway roads to pass by. The more you have vehicles close to you on the road (without hitting, of course), the more chances of scoring bonuses! Not to mention, if you drive fast, you earn more points as well. Now isn’t that fun? Download Traffic Rider to your PC or mobile phone right now!


Cool Bikes, For Cool Rides

Just like other racing games, Traffic Rider offers any player with a lot of different motorbikes to choose during the game. Of course, you start with the low-powered motorbikes. As a beginner, you ride on with the basics but you get to choose the place and time of the day when to race. When you progress in the game, you can start unlocking the bigger bikes, as well as the more powerful types. Top players deserve to drive those big and amazing bikes. So race hard each time you play with no timers or fuel needed to move forward.


Missions to Accomplish

Each level, you need to complete a mission in order to earn points. Traffic Rider is so exciting because you play endless modes. This means that the game will not get any easier. Level checkpoints will continue to get tough each time you pass by successfully. You may have to purchase a new bike for a new level because you know, the roads get more difficult as well. So finish those laps well and earn! You may take a break playing the career mode (having at least 70 missions) and switch to endless rider mode if you really want some action.


Let’s Get Dangerous

Yes, you will certainly feel the rush when you drive close to other drivers on the road or maybe cut them off. This actually gives you a lot of bonuses. So go ahead and drive dangerously. Drive terribly fast and pass someone on the road too closely. It may sound like life and death but hey, that’s the thrill you will get out of this fun video game! That’s why it’s best to download Traffic Rider on your mobile or PC so as not to be left behind.

Traffic Rider is definitely for everyone. This first-person type of video game is a fun one which entails challenging your reflexes every second. Listen to real motorcycle sounds just like you are driving a real bike! You can also choose between day or night, depending on the environments you choose.

The game is perfect for those work-from-home Zoom meeting breaks or those who have time to play games while waiting. In the beginning, you will expect to lose a lot but don’t you worry. These losses will help you become better at each level and will also help you earn more points. Race with top players as well on online racing competitions and be on the leaderboards soon!